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About Baycorp Projects

Baycorp Projects, as a diverse team of builders and specialists in construction, we have gained a rewarding reputation as one of Sydney’s leading home builders. We are uncompromising in delivering beautiful and innovative homes. 

We understand the big decisions that come with building your home. Choosing the right builder for you is the biggest of this decision. For this reason, Baycorp Projects exists, we understand the difficulty that comes with selecting and building, hence we have created a seamless and transparent process, built around trust and transparency.

Whilst working within the construction and building space, Director and Key Builder, Elie, recognised a big gap in the industry. Often times, other builders are promising impressive home deliveries on budget and on time, however, often, this isn’t the case, and clients are left frustrated and lost of hope and trust. That is when Elie formulated a process and approach which is more personal to each client. Putting together a team of specialists and contractors, Baycorp Projects was born. 


Elie and his team have mastered building custom, architectural and luxury homes. When building a custom or architectural home, it’s a different benchmark of execution. Having worked on Sydney’s most challenging project sites, we come with the experience and innovative thinking it takes to create award-winning homes. We won't just tell you, we’ll show you.

Head to our Projects page to see more. 



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