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So what makes Baycorp Projects different? In world where there are multiple copy paste businesses, we wanted to fill a gap in the construction industry, our business has come from solving a problem in the construction space. 


Our goal is to make the building process simple, completely custom to your needs and what you want to achieve, with the Baycorp Element of Suprise of course. We don't fit our clients in a template, however, we have multiple processes to ensure no stone is unturned when building. 


Elie, founder and key builder, is hands-on with every project, his extensive experience with building homes, project managing complex dwellings, and thorough understanding of the construction process means you are in the best hands. His business ethic revolves around the dedication to customer service and creating inspiring spaces. 


We constantly hear horror stories about construction and the headache of choosing the right builder, hence our business comes from a solution based demand. We have fixed the process, to a fault-proof system, it was about time someone did. 



Let Baycorp Projects assist in every way possible to build your dream. We are here to help.

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