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As a member of HIA, we are bound by the HIA National Code of Ethics, developed to promote the highest standards of work and conduct within building and construction. This means that as a member, under the National Code of Ethics, we conduct business to provide or service with competence, fairness, value, honesty, and integrity. 


Being part of HIA means we are up to date with building industry developments, standards, and codes. As an ever-evolving business, our efforts in staying up to date with industry standards ensures your peace of mind building with us.

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Safety First 

There is nothing more important on-site than safety. 

HIA allows us to implement safety procedures for our projects, to the highest standards. We have developed safety systems which are sustainable to all our project sites We are trained in SWMS, safety policies, procedures, site rules, WHS, and site inductions for our larger projects. 

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