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Top 5 Benefits of Custom Home Builds

There are quite a few options available if you’ve decided to look for a new home for your family or as an investment. You can purchase an existing house, renovate, knockdown, rebuild, or go with a house and land package. It can be hard to decide on the best decision that makes sense to you, sometimes the best option is to knock down and rebuild, creating a space that’s completely custom to you and your needs. Creating your custom home means you chose absolutely everything from the design to the finishes. Engaging in the right architect and interior designer is always the best way to get started. But of course, you will need to find a trusted builder who can execute your project on time and on budget. 


So let's dive into the benefits of a custom home build with Baycorp Projects. 

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  1. Full Design Control and Total Personalisation

The topmost advantage of building a custom home build is that you have the opportunity and every right to choose whatever you want in your new home. It includes the quality of appliances, external finish, internal finish, landscaping, and the list goes on. Sure you can buy an existing home, but it won’t be tailored to what you want. The kitchen may be small, you may not have enough living space. With a custom design and build, we can work with your architect to create your forever home.

2. Budget Control and Lower Costs

Choosing a custom home design is still budget-friendly. So choosing and building a custom home design will let you review and see where your budget is going, if you feel you want to put more money into a beautiful kitchen, you have the freedom of doing this. If you want to focus on the landscaping, you have full control of this also. Your home builder will take your budget into account and consideration during each stage of the construction process. Baycorp Projects is known for staying on budget for custom builds. Custom doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

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4. Energy Efficiency Options

Now that we are all moving to a more sustainable mentality and lifestyle, custom builds to give you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and install energy-efficient options. You can decide to run solar energy and have quality insulation for your home, you can also install water and energy-saving finishes and appliances. Smart Home appliances can also be installed with massive energy savings that accompany this alternative.

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3. Superior Quality

Baycorp Projects guarantees the quality of the project by only working with the best tradesmen in the industry. Quality is one massive point of difference for Baycorp Projects, the team will be with you every step of the way showing progress pictures and videos, ensuring a total transparent build process. The quality of build will never be compromised. The benefit of a custom build is you can control the superior quality as well by choosing the best and most appropriate finishes. 

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5. Authenticity and Lifestyle

One of the best benefits of building a custom home is that you don’t have to live with someone else's home design. You can completely customise the design to fit whats important to you and your family. Should you wish to have a granny flat at the back, if council permits, you can do this to drive investment cashlow in. 


With custom-built homes, you receive exactly what you want, from the design, layout, to everything following your style and taste. Every aspect of your home is your choice. You have this incredible feeling of planning it, building it, and sharing it with the people around you. The beautiful result is limitless.

and let us bring your custom home vision to life.

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