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Building a House: Construction Phase

Have you ever wanted to build a house that is something unique that you would feel timeless, practical, and comfortable? Baycorp Projects is the right builder for you. Baycorp Projects is building beautiful and innovative homes. There are several options available if you’ve decided to build a new home for yourself or as an investment. You can always purchase an existing house, renovate, knockdown, rebuild, custom home or even go with a house and land package at your preference. 


Building a house is very complex and it is more than just four walls and a roof. You should undergo initial preparation such as planning and designing before any sort of construction commences on any development. 


Building a project involves various stages, it undergoes eventual success communication, understanding, and agreement in terms of design, constructability, and practicality of the project, not to mention approvals and regulations that need to be followed as per your council requirements. Every construction process is unique and different and depends on the scope and complexity of the project. But each time a sustainable house is built, the process follows particular steps, and the principles are similar for smaller-scale projects like renovations. 

Once construction is ready to set out, preliminary work needs to commence to allow initial works to be carried out and these include the following stages. Please note the following stages does not include the council approvals or other engineering phases. This is specific to the physical building process.

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Step 1: Clearing of the site 

There may be soil testing, site leveling, and clearing prior to actual construction depending on the nature of the land. Demolition also takes place in this stage, should this be applicable.

Step 2: The Slab or Base Stage

As the name suggests, this is simply when the foundation is laid and the site is prepared to have the slab poured. It includes measuring out the design on the site where the base of the building is formed, then pouring the footings, under slab drainage, moisture barrier, and special mesh for termite protection. 

Step 3: The Frame Stage

Framing is when the skeleton of your property is constructed according to the agreed design or preferences. This includes the installation of your internal and external support structure, along with walls, the channel for electrical and plumbing, the roof frame and sheeting, gutters, and insulation.

Step 4: Lockup Stage

This stage is when a variety of trades are on-site to work on the interior and exterior of the project. At this point, you can literally start “locking up” the property because your windows, doors, and remaining walls will be installed and completed to highlight the uniqueness of your home.

Step 5: Fixing Stage

The fixing stage is when your fixtures and fittings will be installed including plumbing, electrical and other fixtures will be installed. The design features of the house will completely reach the final stage if we added such things as cornices, tiling, cabinets, shelving, reveals, and architraves. Then, the project starts to shine with your individuality showing through your selection of fixtures, fittings, and color schemes.

Step 6: Completion Stage

The completion stage is the one that everyone dreams about and when all of your hard work comes to success. This primarily finalises the fit-out and final bits where all paintings, installations, and details have been completed. Then, it is time for the home to be formally handed over to you.

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How Long Will It Take To Build My New Home?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how long does it take to build a house.  Each building stage of construction mentioned above can require varying amounts of time depending on the requirements and details of your house and land design.

BASE STAGE – Allow 1 month

This stage is when your design is measured out on the site and the process can be formed up. Once the plumbing is in place, peiring is then completed as per the engineer’s specifications and instructions, then the slab is formed and is now ready to be poured. The concrete will now cure forming the base of your new home and this progress claim equates to 15% and usually takes a couple weeks or longer depending on complexities.

FRAME STAGE – Allow 1-2 months

The frame stage is complete upon the approval of a qualified building surveyor. The frames and trusses are set out and manufactured on-site before being delivered to the site. The frames and trusses are erected, braced, and tied down based on the engineering's design. At this point, our private certifier is engaged to inspect and certify the frame according to the building code of Australia. The progress claim equates to 20% of your property contract value.


– Allow 1-2 months

The lock-up stage is better known as ‘’lockup’’ which includes fascia, gutter, roofing, windows, rough-ins, and brickwork. This is a complex process involving many different trades' people working to reach this landmark and at this same rough-ins occur. This progress claim equates to 25% of your new home’s contract value and usually takes a month to a couple months depending on complexities.

FIXING STAGE – Allow up to 4 months

This stage of construction involves all the internal details being ‘fixed’ into your home and the installation of plasterboard linings, cornice, skirting, architraves, doors, and kitchens. The house's wet areas will be waterproofed as per the building code of Australia. This stage will be completed after approval of the inspection and this progress claim equates to 20% of your new home’s constructions and usually takes a few months to ensure all attention to detail is being processed and finishes are executed to the highest standard.

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– Allow up to 2 months.

This is the last stage within the active construction time allotment. The builder will walk you through all sections of the house by showcasing all features and functions like floor coverings, window furnishings, a/c fit-outs, ceiling insulation, driveway, landscaping, and fencing. The practical completion claim equates to 15% and has a working timeframe that often takes between 2-8 weeks depending on trade, customer and supplier, and availability of the material.

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All items have now been completed and a representative from your builder will be in contact with a date and time for the handover of the property. This pack generally contains documentation relating to the construction of your property including certificates, instruction manuals, maintenance, and warranties. Defect rectification processes start to take place in the unlikely event there may be items that require revisiting.

SITE START – Allow 1 month

Upon finalization of orders and the construction materials, our Customer Service Administrator will issue a Commencement Letter. This advises you of your official site start date and the date for project completion based on the contractual construction days indicated in your Master Builders. At this point, the site is prepared and set out by the surveyor.

and let us bring your custom home vision to life.

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