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Secure Your Grants.

Sign with Baycorp Projects before November 30 2020 .





Final opportunity to receive up to $45,000* in grant & upgrade to build or renovate your dream home with Baycorp Projects.


Thanks for submitting!

With record increase demand in building and renovations, sign with Baycorp Projects before November 30, 2020 to ensure you receive your building grants.

Find out if you’re eligible for the Federal and State Government Building Grants here.

Take advantage of our limited service of interior designers available to assist in your home build or renovation project. 

Enquire now with Baycorp Projects before you miss out.

*Terms and conditions apply. 

  • When do I receive the grant money from the Government?
    We have to provide documentation to the Government indicating that both grants will be paid once confirmation has been received that construction has commenced. So call us today to get the process started!
  • What if I’ve already signed a building contract, can I still access the grant?"
    Unfortunately not. The Government advice states that any contracts signed before June 4th 2020 will not be eligible for the grants.
  • I’m not an Australian citizen but my partner is, are we eligible?"
    Only Australian citizens can apply for the $25,000 Federal Government HomeBuilder Grant.
  • Is the $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant available if I’m not a first homebuyer?"
    Yes, the great news is the HomeBuilder Grant is available to first Home Buyers and existing home and land owners!
  • What are my appliance upgrade options?
    Our standard package includes Fisher & Paykel however our Baycorp Appliance Upgrade will give you access to Miele, Smeg, Bosche and more. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you!
  • What if I dont need appliances, can I still obtain another upgrade?"
    We can offer you an array of upgrades for this limited time, we also have a free demolition bonus! Speak to us today about your project needs and we will work on something that suits you!
  • Why is now a good time to build?
    Interest rates are at lows and the HomeBuilder Grant + Baycorp Projects Appliance Upgrade is available for a limited time – you need to sign up for Baycorp Projects Upgrade by November 30, 2020, so now is a great time to understand your options for building your dream home or renovation.
  • I’m interested in accessing the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant - Am I eligible?"
    To access the Federal Government HomeBuilder Grant you will need to: Be over 18 years of age. Be an individual and not a company or trust. Be an Australian citizen. Earn less than: $125,000 per annum as an individual or $200,000 per annum as a couple And fulfil the following criteria You will need to sign a contract with a builder between 4th June and 31st December 2020 to: Build a home that is valued at no more than $750,000 for the house and land in total Substantially renovate your existing home with renovations valued at between $150,000 and $750,000, with the dwelling not valued at more than $1.5 million before you commenced the renovation Your new home will need to start construction within 3 months of signing your building contract.

*Information on this page does not consider your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Lenders terms and conditions apply and may vary. Eligibility is at the discretion of State and /or Federal Government. 

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